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Oi, Oi, Saveloy!

3 Dec

By Patric Baird

Everywhere in the world has a local sausage and, as a seasoned traveller and something of a connoisseur of meat stuffed into a skin, I have made it my business to sample lap cheong in China, kielbasa in Krakow and boudin in Baton Rouge. But until quite recently, the snorker sitting right at the top of my wish list was something a lot less exotic – the good old British saveloy. You can’t get a saveloy in my native Belfast, but I knew of their existence through TV shows. I had spent a lifetime wondering what joys Terry McCann was experiencing after dropping into a traditional London chipper for a saveloy supper after dropping Arthur Daley off at the Winchester. And, of course, the saveloy’s role as a saucy double entendre in British comedy always raised a smile. So, within hours of my move to London, it was straight round to the local take-away for a taster. It was sausage heaven. I fondly recall that ‘Oi Oi Saveloy’ moment as I bit into the bright red skin which yielded with a satisfying crack, revealing the delicious spiced meat within. Not in the same league as the finest cut of outdoor-reared pork, you understand – the texture is more hot paste than tenderloin, but that says more about the saveloy’s origins as a savoury Swiss treat made from pig’s brains than anything else. The only down side is that there’s something about a saveloy which turns me into a cackling Sid James every time I have a big red sausage in my hand.